School Resource Officer

Douglas Police BadgeWorking With Youth

The Douglas Police Department is proud to have two School Resource Officer working closely with our schools and youth. The School Resource Officer's play a key role in the daily school life of the children in our community.

Officer Dutcher and Officer Kelley

The Douglas Police Department takes an active role in the growth and development of our youth. SRO Rick Dutcher and SRO Bryan Kelley have a daily presence in our schools. Officer Dutcher is based out of the high school. Officer Kelley is based out of the middle school.

Teaching Classes

SRO Officer's teach several classes in the schools. These classes include DARE in the primary school, fifth grade and seventh grade; Too Good For Drugs in sixth grade; Teen Suicide Prevention in eighth grade and high school; Street Law Elective in eighth grade; and an anti-bullying program in middle school. Law-related education classes are also provided as requested by grade level.

Crisis Response Teams

Our School Resource Officer's are also involved in the crisis response teams for the schools. They provide training for school staff as well as coordinate disaster and emergency drills within the schools. They are also responsible for investigating criminal complaints involving students, staff, school visitors, and school property.