Landfill & Sanitation

Douglas Transfer Station

Alan Gorrell, Landfill Supervisor

Alan GorrellThe landfill is open six days a week Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed on Sundays and holidays. City sanitation trucks operate Monday through Friday.  

The Landfill is located at 874 Olds Road in Douglas.  Alan Gorrell is the Landfill/Recycling Supervisor and can be reached at 307-358-9750 extension 9.

The Landfill Dept.employees work to cover approximately 60,000 cubic yards of material per year. Aside from the constant challenge to keep the citizen's garbage covered, the employees at the landfill also:

  • Perform composting of yard waste
  • Keep the access roads graded
  • Pickup the perimeter of the landfill
  • Perform general maintenance work on the equipment


Steve MartinezSteve Martinez, Sanitation Supervisor

The City of Douglas operates two (2) garbage trucks to serve all residents that live within city limits.  A pick-up schedule is maintained with the Public Works Department.  For pick up days that fall on a scheduled holiday, garbage will be picked up on the next business day. 

For example, if your garbage pickup day is normally Monday, your garbage would be picked up on Tuesday during the weeks of Memorial and Labor Day.  If you pickup day is normally Thursday, your garbage would be picked up the following Monday during the Thanksgiving holiday because the City of Douglas closes on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) and Friday.  

If you need more information, Steve can be reached at 307-358-9750.