General Public Records Request

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for processing most of the City’s public records requests. The City of Douglas will release available records as provided for under Wyoming State Statutes. Requests will be processed as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that some large requests may take extensive amounts of staff time to complete. In these cases, either the City Clerk or Municipal Court Clerk will be in contact with the requester about anticipated completion dates. Some records are not releasable or are only releasable with redactions. In these instances, a written explanation will be provided to the requester as to why records have been withheld or redacted. Some requests may incur fees, which are outlined in the link below.

  • For more information regarding Records Requests Fees, see below or for the current policy click here.
  • The City requires public records requests to be submitted in writing. To submit a request electronically, please click here. Requests may also be mailed/hand delivered to the City at 101 N. Fourth St., Douglas, WY 82633.   
  • The Douglas Police Department processes their own records requests. For more information on Police Department Records, click here.
  • For more information on the Wyoming State Statutes governing the City’s records requests practices, click here.
  • For questions or concerns regarding public records requests, please feel free to contact the City Clerk’s Office at 307-358-3462.

Thank you!


Production & Construction Costs:

  • Electronic Records: On an actual cost basis, incurred only when fees exceed $100


  • Standard (8.5 by 11 inch) Black & White: $0.10/page
  • Standard (8.5 by 11 inch) Color: $0.60/page
  • Legal (8.5 by 14 inch) Black & White: $0.25/page
  • Legal (8.5 by 14 inch) Color: $1.00/page
  • Other Sheet Size: Actual Cost
  • Photograph: Actual Cost
  • Utilization of an outside vendor for copying: Actual Cost
  • Custodian’s Fee to supervise copying: Actual Cost

Fees for Transmitting Records:

  • Mailing, including cost of the shipping container: Actual Cost
  • Facsimile: Actual Cost