Jackalope Family Complex

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FAQs and Notes

22 August 2023


The City Council is aware that there is an interest in the community for some type of facility, but is also aware, that there may also be concerns the facility be right-sized.  To that end, the City Council has appointed a Community Facility Task Force (CFTF) to help the City understand what the community does wish to have in its facility.  Therefore, the CFTF is charged with the mission of conducting a free and independent assessment to gauge community interest in a community center, and specifically, what the community would like to include in the facility.  

The Process

The CFTF has conducted research and now will engage the community.   To assist with this process and to provide guide rails, an estimated affordable price point has been established along with a smorgasbord of menu items (amenities), along with their associated costs, from which we can obtain feedback from the community as to what interests are and what the  priorities are.  

Question: How much will the facility cost?

Answer: Although final facility cost will have to be determined by the final design, at this point a price target point of $16M has been identified.  Of the $16M, approximately $10M has been identified as base structural cost.   The remaining estimated $6M has been identified as optional amenities depending on what the community would like to have included.

Question: Community Feedback - will you really listen to the Community?

Answer: Yes.  This process has been designed to not only engage the community, but to obtain feedback from the community on amenities given the cost, but also what priority apply to each of those amenities.

Question: What is the expected timeline?

Answer: The CFTF anticipates providing a report to council in November.  If Council then approves the concept provided by the CFTF, then the City would move forward with design of the facility, with construction possible in late 2024/2025.

Question: How will the construction of the facility be paid for?  

Answer: Grants, private funding, City, and County.  Need to go back to the County to check if they are still willing to participate financially.  Once constructed, the Parks Department will have a line item for operations and maintenance.  Allow any donations that people/organizations want to make no matter the amount.   Builds ownership in the facility.

Question: Will there be a special use tax (6th cent) for the people to vote on?  

Answer: No, because funding has been already identified, no new taxes that would require a vote is expected.

Question: What is the difference between the Jackalope Family Complex and a recreation center?  

Answer: The proposed complex will include those modest features desired by the community.

Question: How will the facility be operated  

Answer: The City will operate the facility and will have a line item for operations and maintenance.  

Question: Will there be a cost to the users?  

Answer: We would like feedback on this, but at present a minimal fee of perhaps $15-25 per family per year for an access card.  

Question: Will there be a reservation process and fee?

Answer: At present, a reservation system similar that used to reserve a city facility would be employed whereby parts of the facility could be reserved with a  deposit and a modest rental fee.  

Question: Will this facility receive Rec Mill funding?  

Answer: Currently, probably not for construction.  Should discuss operation funding with the Rec Board.

Question: Who will operate the facility?  

Answer: The City will operate the facility.

Question: Can hockey be added to the facility?

Answer: Yes, but that is up to the community and to those involved with the hockey program.  Although the hockey facility is not part of the base proposal, were the funds to construct and maintain the hockey facility to be made available, the addition of hockey at the site, with a shared parking lot and shared walls, would make sense and would add to the use and activity at the complex.  

Below is the link to leave your feedback on what you would like to see in the multi-use facility. We are trying to get feedback from as many people as possible. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. 

There is only one question besides your name and e-mail address, and it is duplicated 15 times. This is to give everyone the opportunity to put everything they want to see.

Jackalope Family Complex Feedback

Below is a graph of all of the data collected as of September 12th at 4:01PM. As the colors get harder to see it is because only one person gave that response. The Community Facility Task Force does receive every response even if it can't be seen on the graph. 

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