City Council Meeting
Douglas City Hall, Council Chambers
101 N. 4th Street, Douglas, WY
Monday, January 11, 2021
Regular Meeting - 5:30 p.m.

Anyone wishing to participate in the meeting for the purposes of Public Comments may do so by calling into the conference call, if you wish to provide documentation to the City Council, please contact the City Clerk prior to 5:00 p.m. to ensure Council receives the information during the meeting. You can also view the meeting live on cable Channel 61.
Dial in: 872-240-3311      PIN: 406-110-957
Thank you for your cooperation in facilitating the public meeting process!

Pledge of Allegiance & Call to Order

Mayor Rene' Kemper
Councilmember John Bartling
Councilmember Kim Pexton
Councilmember Ron McNare
Councilmember Monty Gilbreath


Consent Agenda

All agenda items listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine items by the governing body and will be enacted by one motion unless a Councilmember or member of the public requests that an individual item be taken up under consideration separately, in which case the item will be placed under Council Action Items

Corrections, Additions, and Approval of Agenda - January 11, 2021


Minutes, Regular City Council Meeting - December 14, 2020


Minutes, Special City Council Meeting - January 4, 2021


Minutes, City Council Work Session - January 7, 2021


Warrant Register - December 2020


Public Comments

This section of the Agenda is reserved for comments from the General Public to the City Council on matters relating to Douglas Municipal Government.  In order to be heard, please clearly and loudly state your name and affiliation.  Comments must be five (5) minutes or less. 
** Council Meetings are broadcast live on Cable Channel 61. If you have documents to  present to Council, please email them to the City Clerk at prior to 5:00 p.m. to ensure Council members receive a copy during the meeting. **


Public Hearings


Resolution No. 2071, a Resolution Authorizing Douglas DG, LLC to Proceed with a Type B Development for a Retail Store in a B-2 General Business Zone at 1105 East Richards Street (Old Airport Subdivision No. 1, Lot 3), Douglas, Wyoming


Council Action Items


Ordinance No. 1005, An Ordinance Annexing to the City of Douglas, Wyoming Certain Property to be Known as the Pioneer Cemetery Subdivision, Solely Owned by the City of Douglas, Wyoming; and Establishing a Zoning Classification for Said Property, Second Reading


Ordinance No. 1006, An Ordinance Establishing the Overlay Zoning District of the Pioneer Cemetery Historical District for the Pioneer Cemetery Subdivision to Recognize the Significance of the Child's Route of the Emigrant Trail Crossing and the Pioneer Cemetery and Supporting the Preservation of Both Sites, Second Reading


Resolution No. 2072, a Resolution Authorizing the Douglas Police Department to Apply for 2021 Wyoming Department of Transportation Grant Funding for Highway Traffic Safety Enforcement Within the City of Douglas


Appointment of President of the City Council, to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem through December 31, 2022


Appointment of Three (3) Federal Urban Systems Advisory Board Members: 2 City of Douglas Citizens and 1 Councilmember


Appointment of One (1) Converse County Community Service Block Grant Board Member, One (1) Councilmember


Appointment of Two (2) Converse County Joint Justice Center (CCJJC) Joint Power Board Members, Two (2) Councilmembers


Appointment of Two (2) Converse County Joint Powers Board Members, Two (2) Councilmembers, One (1) Year Terms


Appointment of Two (2) Wyoming Community Gas Board Members, Two (2) Councilmembers, One (1) Year Terms


Cooperation Agreement Between City of Douglas and Wyoming Department of Transportation


Council Information


Department Reports: Department of Public Works, Administrative Services Department, Clerk Department, Planning & Community Development Department, Police Department


Treasurer's Report - November 2020


Dashboards - November 2020


Minutes, Converse County Tourism Promotion Board: October 2020 & November 2020


Minutes, Planning & Zoning Commission - December 2020


Executive Session