Cemetery Fees

Cemeteries in Douglas

The Douglas Park Cemetery located within the city, and the Pioneer Cemetery to the north of the city, are owned by the City of Douglas.

Records for the Douglas Park Cemetery are maintained at the City Clerk's Office and the Cemetery Sexton's Office. Burial space deeds are recorded in the office of the Converse County clerk and recorder of deeds.

To view the most recently adopted version of the Douglas Cemetery Rules and Regulation, click here.

Prices & Fees

The purchase price for cemetery spaces are:

Infant Section
$100 per space
$200 per space
$300 per space
Perpetual Care
$100 per space
Deed Recording
As determined by the Converse County Clerk's office
 Memorial Marker Permit$25.00 

The burial fees are:

Open / Close - Infant
Open / Close - All Others
$650 + Open/Close Fees
$350 + Open/Close Fees
Services occurring outside scheduled working hours or days
Services occurring on designated City holidays
No additional burial services shall be provide by the City unless the scope of services and charges for such services are expressly agreed upon in advance with the City Administrator. 
Disinterment or reinterment services that require the additional use of heavy equipment, as determined by the Parks & Recreation Supervisor and/or the Cemetery Sexton, may incur additional costs for such equipment used.  Opening and closing fees will also apply in addition to disinterment and reinterment fees. 
The City of Douglas has no authority to determine what additional fees may be charged by any third party or vault company pertaining to any disinterment or reinterment into the Douglas Park Cemetery.