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Fort Fetterman

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Fort FettermanOld Fort on the Prairie

Fort Fetterman, the last and longest operating fort on the Bozeman Trail, is preserved as a reminder of that colorful era known as the "winning of the west' in the 1860s. A restored officer's quarters and an ordinance warehouse stand among the many visible foundations of the fort and Fetterman City.

 What to Do

Visitors are encouraged to walk the grounds where interpretive signs describe how the West was won with detailed buildings, house maps, drawings, photographs, artifacts, and dioramas. Camping is allowed on the site.

 How to Get There

  1. Take I-25 Exit 140
  2. Turn left on Wyo 59 North
  3. Take the first left onto Wyoming 93
  4. Fort Fetterman is 9 miles out of Douglas on the north (right) side of Wyoming 93
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