Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol


The purpose of the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) program is to effectively utilize the time and talents of retired senior citizens in our community to assist the Police Department on a volunteer basis and to produce an increased understanding between the citizenry and law enforcement in public safety matters. The objectives of the program are to form teams of two volunteers to provide house watch checks during daylight hours and to use these teams for house watches on a daily basis, thus freeing the sworn officers from this function.


Volunteers are asked to make a commitment to continued involvement in the program by volunteering two to four hours on a weekly basis while considering the need for time to travel, etc. RSVP volunteers are representatives of the Police Department and may work with citizen groups in the area of crime prevention, under the direction of a sworn officer.


Special training that is relevant to the RSVP function is offered and may include:

  • CPR training
  • Driver safety
  • House watch procedures
  • Physical safety
  • Radio operations

This training is provided by the Douglas Police Department.


The members of RSVP are a part of the department and are included in all special functions and are also recognized by the media. Each member receives a Civilian Service award after one full year of service. Our volunteers are a valued part of our department and our community.