Recycling in the City

The City of Douglas has one main recycling center, neighborhood compost, and now cardboard collection container sites.  There are also several businesses in the area that accept items for recycling.  To view a list of materials accepted by the businesses and the location of the businesses, see the Material Accepted and Recycling Outlets document.  To view a list of materials accepted in the C/D permitted cell, as well as a list of hazardous materials that are prohibited in the Landfill, see the Hazardous Waste and C/D Materials List.

The city collects enough recyclable materials to ship approximately 350 pounds of aluminum per month, 22 tons of cardboard per month, and 120 tons of metal and steel twice per year. Although this helps with the longevity of the landfill and environmental concerns, it is a service provided by the city and is not self-supporting.

If you have any questions, please contact the landfill supervisor Toby Porter at 307-358-9750 extension 9, or John Harbarger, Public Works Director, at 307-358-9750.

Main Recycling Centers

The main recycling centers are the Douglas Landfill and the Clay Street location.  The Douglas Landfill is located at 874 Olds Road, and the Clay Street location is on Clay Street just west of the Norco/Gases Plus building.

The main recycling center at Clay Street accepts the following items:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Corrugated Cardboard

Used motor oil is accepted at the City of Douglas Public Works Department located at 420 W. Grant St.  To contact them, please call 307-358-9750.

Recycling Collection Trailer Sites 

  • PRIMARY SITE: Clay Street, West of Norco/Gases Plus office

Neighborhood Compost Collection Container Sites

GREEN DUMPSTERS. For lawn clippings and similar organic materials, you can take them to any of the compost collection containers located as listed below. PLEASE NOTE: Compost dumpsters are collected each year in November/December and returned to their designated collection sites in April or May of the following year. Organic materials can still be taken to the Douglas Landfill free of charge any time of the year.

  • Birch Street by Douglas Care Center (2 dumpsters)
  • Birch Street between South 7th Street and alley (1 dumpster)
  • End of Park Drive (2 dumpsters)
  • Park Drive by Village Inn (2 dumpsters)
  • Monterey Way and Griffith Way (1 dumpster)
  • Monty Clutter Park on Hatchet Drive (1 dumpster)
  • South Windriver Drive by Windriver Apartments (2 dumpsters)
  • Shoshone Drive between Windriver Drive and Riverbend Drive (1 dumpster)
  • Riverbend Drive and Green River (1 dumpster)
  • Riverbend Drive north of Keith Rider Park (1 dumpster)
  • Eastern Wyoming College behind the building (1 dumpster)
  • Jefferson Street north of Bartling Park (1 dumpster)
  • Mesa Drive and Adobe Avenue (1 dumpster)
  • Cheyenne Street by Logsdon Lane (1 dumpster)
  • S. 3rd Street and Pine Street (1 dumpster)
  • S. 2nd and Poplar (1 dumpster)
  • City Hall, north of building in the alley (1 dumpster)
  • Walnut Street between N. 5th and N. 6th Streets (1 dumpster)
  • Walnut Street between Bear Kit and N. 8th Street (1 dumpster)
  • N. 6th and Antelope Creek Drive (1 dumpster)

 The City is in the process of adding more compost dumpsters at the following locations:

  • N. 6th and Poplar Street (1 dumpster)
  • S. 6th and Elm Street (1 dumpster)
  • End of Pearson Drive (1 dumpster)
  • LaBonte Road and Laramie Street (1 dumpster)

Corrugated Cardboard Recycling Collection Container Sites

BLUE DUMPSTERS. Cardboard boxes must be broken down in order to fit inside these dumpsters. WYCO, the City's recycling contractor, only accepts corrugated cardboard and not the cardboard used in, for example, cereal boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and other types of similar cardboard.

  • Public Works (1 dumpster)
  • Clay Street - Main Recycling Center (2 dumpsters)
  • Riverbend Drive north of Keith Rider Park (1 dumpster)
  • Shoshone Drive and Tessa Circle (1 dumpster)
  • East Richards Street and N. 4th Street in the alley behind Family Dollar (1 dumpster)
  • East Richards Street in the alley behind Hardware Hank (1 dumpster)
  • East Richards Street behind the Broken Wheel Truck Stop (1 dumpster)
  • West Richards Street by Douglas Custom Embroidery (1 dumpster)
  • West Richards Street at Douglas Middle School (1 dumpster)
  • Park Drive by Village Inn (2 dumpsters)
  • Walnut Street behind Converse County Bank (1 dumpster)
  • Walnut Street between Bear Kit and N. 8th Street (1 dumpster)
  • N. 4th Street at Douglas Grocery parking lot (3 dumpsters)
  • N. 2nd Street Alley behind the Moose Lodge (1 dumpster)
  • S. 2nd Street by Fastenal (1 dumpster)
  • Brownfield Road by CNM Plumbing (1 dumpster)
  • Senior Center at Yellowstone Hwy. and Clay Street (1 dumpster)
  • Yellowstone Hwy. at Subway (1 dumpster)
  • Yellowstone Hwy. behind Maverick (1 dumpster)
  • Yellowstone Hwy. behind Sleep Inn (1 dumpster)
  • Riverbend Drive and Muirfield Court behind Grasslands Market (2 dumpster)
  • Jefferson Street at Richards behind The Gathering Place (1 dumpster)
  • MHCC (1 dumpster)
  • Mesa Drive and Adobe Ave. (1 dumpster)
  • Hamilton Street at Douglas High School (1 dumpster)
  • South Wind River Drive at USDA Office (1 dumpster)
  • Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (1 dumpster)

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can be taken to Safeway or Helping Hands.