Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA)

The City of Douglas has established an open contain area in Historic Downtown Douglas better known as DORA - Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area.  We invite residents and guests to responsibly enjoy this district.

Dates: Memorial Day to Labor Day

Days of the Week: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Time: 5:00PM to Midnight


  • Wristbands to be provided and worn by the establishment from which the alcohol was purchased
  • Alcohol to be in original, non-glass container or in a clear non-glass cup
  • No crossing Center Street with an open container (Center Street is a WYDOT road and falls under different rules than local streets)
  • No open containers in Jackalope Square without the appropriate permit which can be obtained from the City Clerk

All laws related to public intoxication and civility shall remain in place and enforceable.

The City of Douglas reserves the right to suspend or effectively terminate the established open container district at their discretion.

Ordinance 1004

Resolution 2042

DORA Boundaries


No Crossing Center Street with an Open Container.

No Open Containers in Jackalope Square without the Appropriate Permit.